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Max Simon, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Coach

“Ariana Hall is an artful trainer & a master of the human voice. Personally, she has shown me how to never lose my voice again, even after carrying out 5 day-long seminars! I believe in her work as a private coach and I am equally impressed with her as a singer, songwriter and actor. I can't recommend her highly enough to anyone who wants to increase their confidence, attractiveness and artistry."

Max Simon,
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Coach


Emanuela Cariolagian, President of Be In The News, Inc.

“It was SO GREAT to see you today! Wow! You are AWESOME! (You could be giving so many AMAZING seminars that a TON of people could benefit from!!!!) I don't think I've ever had so many breakthroughs in 45 minutes!!!! THANK YOU!!!”

Emanuela Cariolagian,
President of Be In The News, Inc.


“The 30 minute session I had with you the day before I gave my seminar had a big impact on my performance. I couldn't imagine how the simple exercises you gave me would make such a difference. Two colleagues of mine who come regularly to my seminars noticed a difference in my way of talking and moving. They said that I was more present, more comfortable and clearer. All it took was 5 minutes and practicing 3 simple exercises right before I started speaking in front of the audience."

Trainer & Consultant



Elena Astilleros

“Ariana, you made me able to say loud and proud - I want to sing my heart out to the world!!! Right now in these precious moments I am living as myself as an artist, completely, fully... I am exactly that person I saw when I visualized my goals.”

Elena Astilleros
Business Woman & Mother


Susan Scheinman, Nutritionist

“I got more in 4 hours with Ariana than in many months of therapy.”

Susan Scheinman,
Nutritionist & Mother


Liz Warner, Vocalist & Business Owner

“I have always known that I’ve had a good tone to my voice and that I sounded great in the shower or singing to the radio but when it came time for performing I was inconsistent. I would lose my confidence and go off key. I have built up a lot of bad habits over the years and Ariana has helped me break down things anatomically treating my voice as a fine tuned instrument. No other voice teacher has ever discussed mechanics beyond breathing nor has any other instructor been so encouraging and patient. She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. My confidence has increased and it has made all the difference in the world. I now feel like a singer. Nothing can stop me now. Thank you Ariana with all my heart.”

Liz Warner,
Vocalist & Business Owner



Kevin R. Wile, CEO of Wile Insurance and Financial Services

“I had my first session this week with self-expression coach Ariana Hall.  I am HIGHLY appreciative of the work we are doing. Ariana takes a very broad approach to creativity. In concluding the session, she offered me a fundamental insight:  the way I have been holding creativity will always be there for me to come back to, meanwhile let’s go somewhere that is endlessly spacious and work from there. I started to experience that right away, breaking out my electric guitar that same night, with Higher Self insights everyday since.”

Kevin R. Wile,
CEO of Wile Insurance
and Financial Services



“I happened upon your performance last week at the Florida Folk Festival, purely by accident. I heard this beautiful, soulful voice and was drawn to the area where you were performing. My God! I was treated to the most wonderful live music experience I've ever seen and heard. At the conclusion I had many feelings. First, I wanted - no NEEDED - more. Second, I wondered, where have I been to not have heard this music before now? And finally, I went to the area where the various artists CDs were for sale and bought the five song CD (the only one I could find!). When I got in my car I immediately played the music so my wife could hear what I had been raving about. Another instant fan! When we read the information we found all five songs were written and arranged by the artist . . . well we found the total package! I wanted you to know you my day with your wonderful music. Please, please, please keep'em coming! Your new biggest fan, Gene McCarthy"

Your New Biggest Fan,
Gene McCarthy


Ariana Hall is a world-renowned Self-Expression Coach, Voice Trainer and Professional Singer. From the beginning of her life, Ariana Hall has used her

voice to liberate herself and others from fear, frustration or sadness. She first cultivated this calling into a professional singing career, engaging audiences with a genuine intimacy. Her résumé is lined with credits that include touring around the world, singing in places like the Disney Concert Hall, the Kremlin Palace in Moscow and for the Prince of Wales at Windsor Castle. What she didn't learn in her extensive music training was how to be fully happy while having a successful career, so she began to develop techniques to help herself and others have a strong, effective presence and voice in all conditions.