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“I happened upon your performance last week at the Florida Folk Festival, purely by accident. I heard this beautiful, soulful voice and was drawn to the area where you were performing. My God! I was treated to the most wonderful live music experience I've ever seen and heard. At the conclusion I had many feelings. First, I wanted - no NEEDED - more. Second, I wondered, where have I been to not have heard this music before now? And finally, I went to the area where the various artists CDs were for sale and bought the five song CD (the only one I could find!). When I got in my car I immediately played the music so my wife could hear what I had been raving about. Another instant fan! When we read the information we found all five songs were written and arranged by the artist . . . well we found the total package! I wanted you to know you my day with your wonderful music. Please, please, please keep'em coming! Your new biggest fan, Gene McCarthy."

Your New Biggest Fan,
Gene McCarthy