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More About Ariana Hall

Ariana Hall is a world-renowned Self-Expression Coach, Voice Trainer and Professional Singer.


From the beginning of her life, Ariana Hall has used her voice to liberate herself and others from fear, frustration or sadness. She first cultivated this calling into a professional singing career, engaging audiences with a genuine intimacy. Her résumé is lined with credits that include touring around the world, singing in places like the Disney Concert Hall, the Kremlin Palace in Moscow and for the Prince of Wales at Windsor Castle. What she didn't learn in her extensive music training was how to be fully happy while having a successful career, so she began to develop techniques to help herself and others have a strong, effective presence and voice in all conditions.


As this understanding deepened over the years, it expanded to include stage fright, life purpose, relationship patterns, the rekindling of passion and boundary work. Using her own career and life to experiment, she mapped out the many Self-Expression spaces a person goes through to transition from a passive audience member all the way to a masterful and expressive leader. Combining this understanding with the correct use of the voice as an instrument, the outer and inner voice simply opens. Imagine a life live from the soul, outward.


Allowing the soul's purpose to define your actions and thoughts. That is the core of Ariana Hall's philosophy for Self-Expression.


“The 30 minute session I had with you the day before I gave my seminar had a big impact on my performance. I couldn't imagine how the simple exercises you gave me would make such a difference. Two colleagues of mine who come regularly to my seminars noticed a difference in my way of talking and moving. They said that I was more present, more comfortable and clearer. All it took was 5 minutes and practicing 3 simple exercises right before I started speaking in front of the audience."

Trainer & Consultant